New! XX Revolution LuXX Eyeshadow Palettes

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Get the details on the new makeup release from Makeup Revolution’s new brand XX Revolution!  It’s the Lux Eyeshadow Palettes – priced at $25 each.  Check out the details below!

Release Date: June 3rd, 2020

Makeup Revolution

LuXX Eyeshadow Palettes
Price: $25

Brand Description:

XX Revolution Luxx Shadow Palettes contain 18 boujee shades in a luxurious velvet case,

These eye shadow palettes are coated in luxxy embossed velour that matches the rich colour story inside. A high pigment combo of matte and shimmer shades for you to flex your artistry.

Products Include:

  • VorteXX – A collection of aqua blues, royal metallics, with pops of warmth in blue velvet
  • XXpectation – The ultimate collection of nudes, from classic creams to dusty pinks and high shimmer neutrals in pink velvet
  • TuXXedo – A range of gorgeous metallic and shimmer shades with grey, champaign and purple pops in black velvet
  • XXodus – An assortment of bold pinks, warm browns, rich metallics and luxurious marbled shades in red velvet


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