Get The Scoop On The New MAC Fix+ Vibes Collection

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Get the details on the new makeup release from MAC Cosmetics!  It’s the Fix+ Vibes Collection!  Limited edition setting sprays  that represent a tribute to self-fulfillment and individuality.  The products are priced at €13 each.  Check out the details below!

Release Date: June 4th, 2020

MAC Cosmetics

Fix+ Vibes Collection
Price: €13

Brand Description:

Find your mood or create your own with Fix + Vibes: The limited collection from MAC is a tribute to freedom, individuality and self-fulfillment. The iconic Fix + Fixing Spray served as the basis for the entire collection – this is how the Vibes variants score with the proven benefits: They hydrate, calm and refresh the skin, while they fix the make-up reliably and for a long time. In addition, MAC has equipped the sprays with unique fragrances that radiate an incredibly positive energy and really put you in a good mood! Fix + Calm scores with its relaxing aroma of blueberry and jasmine, which helps make-up queens to come down and relax. And of course the formula is full of important vitamins and minerals and contains a skin-loving mix of chamomile

Selections Include:

  • Passion (strawberry and peach)
  • Vitality (apricot and tangy tangerine)
  • Play (lemon and orange)
  • Balance (earthy peppermint and fresh bergamot)
  • Awaken (tea leaves and lavender)
  • Compassion (rose)
  • Calm (blueberry and jasmine)


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