New! XX Revolution Crystalxx Eyeshadow Palettes

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Get the details on the new makeup release from Makeup Revolution’s new brand XX Revolution!  It’s the Crystalxx Eyeshadow Palettes – priced at $20 each.  Check out the details below!

Release Date: June 3rd, 2020

Makeup Revolution

XX Revolution Crystalxx Eyeshadow Palettes
Price: $20

Brand Description:

Meet our high shimmer crystal and foil finish XX Revolution Crystalxx Eyeshadow Palettes

Pick your crystal – are you karat, platinum, quartz or amethyst? Each travel friendly eyeshadow palette is encased in a shimmering gemstone reminiscent resin and contains 12 shades of our unique glass shimmer formula that gives off a multi-tonal glow.

Products Include:

  • Quartz – Dazzling pinks, rose golds, plums and rose tones encased in a pink crystal palette
  • Amethyst – Glistening pastel blues, whites, pinks, greens and purples in a light purple crystal palette
  • Karat – Warm earth tones with pops of olive greens and blue, shimmering bronzes and golds wrapped in a gold foil resin palette
  • Platinum – Whites, greys and cool toned pops of colour in a white crystal palette


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