Sneak Peek! Kylie x The Grinch Holiday Collection – Updated!

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Kylie Cosmetics has just released a sneak peek of their new Kylie x The Grinch Collection and we’ve got all the details!  Check out pictures of the upcoming release below and stay tuned for regular updates!

Official Release Date: November 19th, 2020

Where To Buy: Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie x The Grinch Holiday Collection

The 5th holiday collection released from Kylie Cosmetics, this new collab with Dr Seuss includes a lipstick set, lipkit, eyeshadow palette, shadow stick set, highlighter, blush and olive green kyliner featuring some of the following releases:

  • Kylie x The Grinch Palette – a palette with smooth mattes, reflective shimmers, and stunning glitters
  • Max The Reindeer Blush
  • Littlest of Whos Highlighter
  • Who Needs Presents Lipstick
  • A Wonderful Awful Idea Lipstick
  • Oh The Noise Lipstick
  • I Hate Christmas Lipstick
  • Mean One Lipstick
  • Mr. Grinch Lipstick
  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas Lip Kit
  • Olive Liquid Kyliner
  • Snowcapped High Gloss
  • Stealing Christmas Shimmer Eye Glaze
  • Lil’ Grinch Shimmer Eye Glaze

Where To Buy: Kylie Cosmetics

Complete Grinch Collection Bundle $265

Kylie’s Grinch Favorites Bundle $135

Kylie x Grinch High Gloss Duo $32

Kylie x Grinch Shimmer Eye Glaze Duo $40

Kylie x Grinch Lipstick Set $60

Kylie x Grinch Shadow Sticks $24

Kylie x Grinch Pressed Powder Palette $40

Kylie x Grinch Matte Lip Kits $29

Kylie x Grinch High Gloss $16

Kylie x Grinch Blush $18

Kylie x Grinch Kylighter $20

Kylie x Grinch Liquid Kyliner $18

Kylie x Grinch Signed PR Box $375

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