Christian Louboutin Beauty LoubiWorld Collection

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Christian Lobuoutin Beauty has just released their new LoubiWorld Fragrance Collection and we’ve got all the details!  The fragrances are priced at £225 / $300 each.  Check out more details about the release below!

Official Release Date: November 1st, 2020

Where To Buy:  Saks Fifth Avenue  + Harrods + Cult Beauty + Selfridges

Loubicrown Eau de Parfum

Brand Description:

Each fragrance from Christian Louboutin’s LoubiWorld collection is housed in a high-octane red glass bottle, but the Loubicrown eau de parfum is also topped with a crown to represent aristocracy and wealth. Formulated with patchouli, cedarwood and tonka bean accords, the scent is both woody and oriental – perfect for women who prefer grounded and evocative fragrances.

A Woody Oriental imagined by Christophe Raynaud. Roll out the red carpet! The aristocratic nobility of cedar is shaken up with an irreverent patchouli and tonka bean accord. To crown you in confidence. 3.04 oz. Made in Spain.

Loubikiss Eau de Parfum

Brand Description:

Created by master nose Daphné Bugey as an ode to eternal love, this Christian Louboutin fragrance from the coveted LoubiWorld collection is imagined in a red glass bottle with a calavera skull lid and pursed red lips. Titled Loubikiss, the eau de parfum combines floral and woody notes for a lasting and hypnotic scent.

Loubirouge Eau de Parfum

Brand Description:

Loubirouge is a spicy scent from Christian Louboutin’s LoubiWorld collection, presented with a silver-tone cap that depicts a stiletto balanced atop the world. Crafted by nose Marie Salamagne, the fragrance is undeniably evocative – a cabaret for the senses, if you will – and is formulated with accords of cardamom, iris and vanilla in a wave of oriental spice.

Loubidoo Eau de Parfum

Brand Description:

Presented in a multifaceted red glass bottle with a silver cat-shaped top, the Loubidoo eau de parfum from Christian Louboutin’s LoubiWorld fragrance collection is an enchanting floral-fruity scent. Enriched with top notes of fresh strawberries and a heart of rose, this feminine fragrance is grounded by cedarwood for a charming and mischievous sign-off that’s perfect for everyday wear.

Daphné Bugey built with Christian Louboutin a Floral Fruity lucky charm. What good luck, wherever you are this lucky cat will bring you great fortune! Tip-toeing on velvet paws, it blends the direct simplicity of strawberry with the opulence of rose and cedar. A fragrance that’s high on mischief. 3.04 oz. Made in Spain.

Loubifunk Eau de Parfum

Brand Description:

Each fragrance from Christian Louboutin’s LoubiWorld collection is housed in a high-octane red glass bottle, but the Loubifunk eau de parfum is also topped with a pineapple amulet top to reference its carnival and samba inspirations. Floral on the nose, the scent is formulated with blackcurrant, Turkish rose and patchouli for a light and playful addition to your olfactory repertoire.

Christian Louboutin entrusted Nicolas Beaulieu with the creation of this exuberant Floral Rose. The signature Christian Louboutin red sole stilettos crown this pineapple with a festive spirit. A carnival of rose, blackcurrant and patchouli, an invitation to dance and celebrate the sheer joy of living, something very dear to our creator. Samba! 3.04 oz. Made in Spain.

Loubicroc Eau de Parfum

Brand Description:

Christian Louboutin invited Daphné Bugey to create a potent Spicy Oriental. The crocodile is the guardian of the secrets of the pyramids and of this intense elixir created with myrrh,cypriol and sandalwood. Mystery and seduction

Loubiraj Eau de Parfum

Brand Description:

Majestic and wild, Leather Woody is a creation by Daphné Bugey. This Leather Woody roars intensely as a full-bodied blend of suede, cedar and pink pepper. One thing is certain: in its footsteps, the magic sings, dances and leaves a powerful trail.

Christian Louboutin Branded Snow Globe (GWP)

Brand Description:

Receive a Christian Louboutin Branded Snow Globe* with any Loubiworld Fragrance purchase.

A totally Christian Louboutin red holiday snow globe, inspired by the Loubirouge fragrance cap and the iconic Christian Louboutin stiletto.

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