Christian Louboutin Beauty Holiday Loubirouge Lipstick

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Christian Lobuoutin Beauty has just released the new Holiday So Rouge Loubirouge Lipstick and we’ve got all the details!  The lipstick is priced at $90.  Check out more details about the release below!

Official Release Date: November 1st, 2020

Where To Buy:  Saks Fifth Avenue + Selfridges + Harrods + Cult Beauty + Nordstrom

Loubirouge So Rouge Holiday Lipstick $90

Brand Description:

From the Loubirouge Collection. For the first time, a new red glittery lipstick in a glamourous and glittery packaging to celebrate the holidays. 0.13 oz. Made in Italy.

It features a unique blend of ultra-reflective pearls for a deep satiny glittery texture. Its satiny glittery texture provides hydration lasting up to 6 hours.

How does Christian Louboutin celebrate the festive season? By whipping up a new satin lipstick that’s cloaked in shimmer. That’s where the Loubirouge lipstick comes in. Infused with a unique blend of ultra-reflective pearls, the So Rouge shade delivers day-long hydration and an iridescent. Oh, and it’s encased into the signature antiquities-inspired case and neatly packed in a shimmery box that’s dipped in a bucketload of glitter.


Where To Buy:  Saks Fifth Avenue + Selfridges + Harrods + Cult Beauty + Nordstrom

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