Get The Scoop On The New NABLA Cosmetics Miami Lights Collection

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Get the details on the new makeup release from Nabla Cosmetics!  It’s the hot new Miami Lights Collection – “inspired by the glare of neon nights and the hues of a euphoric summer dawn”.  The products range in price from $15 to $25.  Check out the details below!

Nabla Cosmetics

Official Release Date: June 25th, 2020

Available On:

Miami Lights Glitter Palette $25

Brand Description:

The Miami Lights Glitter Palette is a quad full of endless magnetic and chameleonic reflects. Light breaks up to let you shine day and night, like a city that never sleeps. Miami Lights means no compromises: with only one swipe glitters remain adherent as long as you want to your skin.

Shades Include:

  • Aries: transparent base with holographic orange, lime, lilac and magenta reflects.
  • Muses: fluo pink with green, topaz and electric lilac reflects.
  • Firmament: bright lilac with holographic gold, magenta, indigo and amber reflects.
  • Scorpio: bright pinky rust with a smoky base.

Miami Lights Skin Glazing Highlighter $24

Brand Description:

A kaleidoscope of thin and dazzling pearls that redefine the concept of Light. The Skin Glazing luminous powders have zero thickness and light up your skin with a mirrored effect and unexpected brilliance. An adherent, absolutely imperceptible formula with a sublime finish that shines inside a precious and thin packaging like coloured glass.  Wearing Skin Glazing, sun reflections will envy your light!

Shades Include:

  • Lola – Watermelon with amber and peachy reflects.
  • Independence – Rosy-hazelnut with golden and magenta reflects.

Miami Lights Skin Bronzing $24

Brand Description:

Skin Bronzing is Summer all year round. The Skin Bronzing powders have zero thickness and enhance your skin with a super natural sunkissed effect. The adherent and absolutely imperceptible formula gives your skin a radiant and bronzed look.

Shades Include:

  • Ambra – light warm brown
  • Dune – medium warm brown
  • Soft Revenge – medium neutral brown
  • Profile – dark warm brown

Miami Lights Shine Theory Lip Gloss $15

Brand Description:

Shine Theory Lip Gloss. Theory becomes real.
Thanks to its thin and ultra-mirrored formula, this Lip Gloss gives extraordinary shine to your lips. The finish is wet, multidimensional, super luminous and non-sticky. Perfect also as a top coat.

Shades Include:

  • Champagne Supernova – Transparent base and bronze, gold, platinum and peach micro-sparkles.
  • Renaissance – Transparent base with champagne rosé sparkles.
  • Toxic Love – Mauve, coral and pink trichrome with gold, platinum and magenta micro-sparkles.
  • District – Sheer honey nude with no pearls.
  • Stardust Radio – Intense peachy red with gold and copper micro-sparkles.
  • RSVP – Chocolate shade with golden and lavender micro-sparkles.

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