New! XX Revolution Complexxion Face Palettes and XXtasy Cream Complexxion Blush Palettes

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Get the details on the new makeup release from Makeup Revolution’s new brand XX Revolution!  It’s the Complexxion Face Palettes and XXtasy Cream Complexxion Blush Palettes – priced at $20 each.  Check out the details below!

Release Date: June 3rd, 2020

XX Revolution

Complexxion Face Palettes $20

Brand Description:

XX Revolution Complexxion Face Palettes are the one kit glow fix we’ve all been waiting for.

A matte bronzer, illuminating highlighter and shimmering blush in the perf combo face palette to make you look lit from within. It doesn’t hurt the packaging is cute AF also.

Shades Include:

  • GRAVITATE – For our mid-toned beauties wanting a glow up. A warm toned bronzer, cream toned shimmer highlighter, and iridescent coral blush.
  • DIMENSION – For our deep-toned beauties who want a gorgeous glow. A dark bronzer, copper highlighter and fuchsia blush.
  • ELEMENTAL – For our pale beauties who want a natural glow. A pale warm toned bronzer, champagne toned highlighter and shimmering mauvy-rose blush.
  • INTRINSIC – For our bronze loving beauties who want that beach glow. A warm toned bronzer, honey-gold highlighter, and shimmer peach blush.

XXtasy Cream Complexxion Blush Palettes $20

Brand Description:

Get a flushed glow with 6 cream blushers and highlighters in our XX Revolution XXtasy Cream Complexxion Blush Palettes.

These pigmented cream blush formulations give a natural blush and radiance that melts seamlessly into skin, for healthy glow realness.

Shades Include:

  • INDULGENCE – A collection of rose golds, shimmering blush tones, and glistening pinks.
  • OVERLOAD – A collection of champagne shimmers, rose golds and light bronzes.

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