What’s New? Morphe Fluidity Full-Coverage Foundation and Concealer

Morphe shocked the makeup world by releasing the Fluidity Full-Coverage Foundation and Concealer on January 17th. The collection has a whopping 60 shades of foundations and 31 shades of concealers.

Morphe Fluidity Full-Coverage Foundation

24-Hour Long Wear, Sweatproof, Transfer-Resistant, Water-Resistant, Great for all skin types, Soft Matte Finishy

Shade Range:

  • Lightest Shade: F1.10 (NEUTRAL: fairest with neutral undertones)
  • Darkest Shade: F5.120 (NEUTRAL: deepest with neutral undertones)

Morphe Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer

31 Shades, Creamy, Full Coverage, Super Blendable, Brightens, Contours, 16 Hour Long Wear, Sweatproof, Transfer-Resistant, and Water-Resistant

Shade Range:

Morphe Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer

Lightest Shade: C0.00 (aka white concealer)

Morphe Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer

Darkest Shade: C5.65 (COOL: deepest with red undertones)

So have you tried the new Morphe foundation? The reviews have been up and down but are you willing to give it a try? Let us know in the comments!


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