Sneak Peek! SUQQU 2023 Spring Color Collection

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SUQQU just released a preview of their new Color Collection for Spring 2023. The collection officially launches on January 20th with products ranging in price from £18.00 to £48.00.


Signature Color Eyes (2023 Spring Color Collection)


Three new palettes join the Signature Color Eyes line, including a limited-edition spring palette. Harmonizing matte colours, inspired by herb-dyed fabrics, that conjure the warmth and softness of the budding season.

Shades include:

  • 12 KURUMIZOME – Smokey Brown x Maple Brown – Featuring two browns reminiscent of cinnamon or freshly brewed coffee on a crisp spring morning, this palette brings a beautiful warmth to the eyes. With a sophisticated deep green, grey shade to add nuance, with shimmering gold pearls.
  • 13 RANMANZOME – Rich Orange × Light Taupe – A palette of warm colours with exquisite tones from matte to pearl, as if extracted from flower petals, for a glamorous spring-inspired look.
  • 122 HARUKAZEZOME [Limited-edition] – Bleached Pink × Almond Beige – This seasonal palette is playful and full of life, evoking the budding flowers and sprouting grass of spring. Rich colours of grass and trees perfect for layering.

Treatment Wrapping Lip (2023 Spring Color Collection)


The new gloss line by SUQQU, Treatment Wrapping Lip provides lips the care they desire and enhances with a barely-there, beautiful flush of colour. Formulated to lock in moisture adding protection and naturally plumps. The lineup includes carefully selected seasonal shades that complement the skin and enhance the natural beauty of the lips. All Treatment Wrapping Lips come with an applicator featuring bristles specially designed for optimal absorption and slick application.

Shades include:

  • 01 SUKEZAKURA – Cherry blossom like pink with subtle colouring, recommended as a base
  • 02 AWAHANEIRO – This caramel beige creates an exquisite balance to either natural or full glam looks
  • 03 MITSUKOME – Stylish brown with a yellow tinge that brings a natural glow to the lips
  • 04 TSUYARENGA – This terracotta exquisitely balances red and brown tones adding elegance to any look
  • 05 YURUSHIIRO – Bluish floral pink that brings a playful yet sweet touch
  • 101 SHIROSUMIRE – A clear gloss providing a translucent purple hue bringing freshness to your lips

Nuance Eyeliner (2023 Spring Color Collection)


Accentuate eyes with the versatile Nuance Eyeliner, now available in an exquisite Bordeaux, refreshing leaf green, and soft cherry pink. This trio of warm natural colours bring a gentle flick of colour to the eyes.

Shades include:

  • 04 BORDEAUX – A beetroot-like Bordeaux, with a subtle hint of white, adds a dramatic dash of warmth
  • 108 LEAF GREEN – Reminiscent of the budding spring leaves, this vibrant green adds a fresh pop of colour to the eyes.
  • 109 SAKURA PINK – Evoking the petals of cherry blossoms, this pink can be layered over warm or cool toned eyeshadows to create eyes that look and feel like a fresh breath of spring.

Melting Powder Blush (2023 Spring Color Collection)


These three new limited-edition seasonal colours join the iconic Melting Powder Blush line, known for creating a gradient of glow and for bringing a three-dimensional colour to your complexion in a single brushstroke.

Shades include:

  • 103 NADESHIKOZOME – The soft pink blends gently into the skin to create a healthy complexion.
  • 104 KOUJIZOME – A fresh orange embodying the brightness of the arrival of spring.
  • 105 SHIROZORA – A translucent lilac with a variety of shimmering pearls, evoking the light of spring. Can also be layered over blush to add nuance to your look.

Eyelash Mascara Waterproof (2023 Spring Color Collection)


Two mascaras to enhance the natural colour of your lashes by tinting them in a soft, light colour, like spring sunlight. Designed to be tonally paired with the finishes from the Signature Color Eyes.

Shades include:

  • 106 NUANCE BEIGE – The warmth from the soft beige draws out a fresh sophistication from the eyes.
  • 107 NUANCE BORDEAUX – A soft yet bright Bordeaux for adding a touch of warmth to lashes.

Nail Color Polish (2023 Spring Color Collection)


Three limited-edition nail colours to bring the rich hues of nature to your fingertips. Inspired by the smoky shades of leaves and trees from the earthy gallnut to the brilliant mugwort.

Shades include:

  • 148 FUSHIZOME – A sophisticated, purple-tinged grey that enhances any outfit or makeup look.
  • 149 WAKABAZOME – A light yellow-green, reminiscent of young leaves sprouting in the springtime.
  • 150 YOMOGIZOME – A deep, smoky green with a sense of freshness, vitality and depth.

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