Spectrum x Hello Kitty Ice Cream Collection

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Spectrum is about to release their new delectable Hello Kitty Ice Cream Collection and we’ve got all the details! The collection officially launches on 7/14 with products and sets ranging in price from £14.99 to £99.99


Hello Kitty Ice Cream Ultimate Bundle

Scoop up the oh so sweet Hello Kitty Ice Cream collection to add fun and flavour to your makeup routine.



Creamy, delicious and covered in sprinkles the ultimate bundle consists of 5 sugary treats including the 9 piece and 3 piece brush sets, ice cream tub bag, retractable kabuki brush and ice cream cone makeup sponges.

There’s no need to choose your favourite flavour, the ultimate bundle is sure to satisfy all your beauty cravings.

Hello Kitty Ice Cream 9 Piece Brush Set

Satisfy your sweet-tooth and scoop up the Hello Kitty 9 Piece ice cream brush set finished with a helping of sweet pastel sprinkles.



With creamy vanilla glossy handles and silky-soft pastel bristles this collection combines your favourite ice cream flavours with essential brushes for full makeup looks. Presented in a Hello Kitty kiosk box, this set includes 3 complexion and 6 eye and detail brushes to add some flavour and fun to your makeup routine.

  • C07 – Multi Complexion
  • A32 – Precision Cheek
  • D06 – Dewy Complexion
  • B10 – Mini Tapered Blender
  • A24 – Brow Styler
  • B08 – Magic Wand
  • B15 – Soft Blender
  • A22 – Pencil Detailer
  • A37 – Mini Concealer

Hello Kitty Ice Cream 3 Piece Midi Brush Set

A sweet treat to satisfy those beauty cravings.



These 3 midi-sized brushes are makeup multi-taskers and will add a sprinkling of perfection to your complexion or concealer eyes and cheeks, all while looking good enough to eat.

Unwrap 3 delicious flavours of velvet vanilla, sweet strawberry or moreish mint and put those fluffy bristles to work.

  • A35 – Paddle Complexion
  • A04 – Tapered Finisher
  • B06 – Tall Tapered Blender

Hello Kitty Ice Cream Tub Make Up Bag

Treat yourself to a soft scoop serving of style with the Hello Kitty Ice Cream Tub Makeup Bag.



Just the right size to hold your brushes, or add some extra toppings and pop in your phone, keys and makeup essentials, you’ll be surprised at what you can carry in this little cutie.

Dairy free and deliciously crafted from a luxury PU, you can enjoy a fully vegan sweet treat with none of the guilt!

Hello Kitty Ice Cream Kabuki Brush

Ice cream to go? The Hello Kitty ice cream kabuki brush is the perfect handbag essential for makeup touch ups on the move.



The sleek gold retractable brush is finished with a serving of pastel sprinkles and topped with an oh so sweet Hello Kitty motif.

Dip the dense and velvety vanilla bristles into powder or bronzer and gently sweep over your complexion for a flawless finish.

Hello Kitty Ice Cream Sponge Quad

We’re serving up a double scoop of complexion perfection with the Hello Kitty ice cream cone blending sponge quad.



Use the ice cream scoop sponges to lightly bounce product onto the skin to perfect your base. The unique shape combined a flat edge for powder and the more rounded side is ideal for foundation.

The softly tapered cone sponges are the ideal shape to press and blend concealer out around your eyes and nose or swipe on loose powder to set your look.


  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Those brushes and bag are adroable! I do want some more brushes and this and the wnw Lilo and Stitch collection have my eye.

    1. Michelle says:

      I’m obsessed with the bag. The brushes are definitely cute too.

      1. oliveunicorn says:

        yeah it’s so cute ! I love Hello Kitty and Kuromi

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