Spectrum Collections Emily In Paris Patisserie Box Set

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Spectrum Collections has just released their new Emily In Paris Patisserie Box Set and we’ve got all the details!  The set is available now and priced at £34.99.


Official Release Date: March 18th, 2022


Spectrum Collections Emily In Paris Patisserie Box Set


Courtesy Of Brand
Courtesy Of Brand
Brand Description

Impossibly chic and irresistibly delicious, our new Emily in Paris J’adore Paris Patisserie Box is bursting with treats almost too good to sample.

Looking like it’s straight out the window display of a beauty boulangerie, what’s neatly packaged inside our patisserie box is unsurprisingly sugary sweet and sure to satisfy any beauty lovers sucrée cravings.

On the first layer sits a set of brushes inspired by tempting iced eclairs, pastel colours are topped with a heart and Eiffel Tower print in a tribute to our love for the city that brought us this petit treat. A range of face and eye shapes in a charming design means these brushes are sure to get rave reviews for both taste and choice of tools by any critic.

Lift the first tray you’ll be delighted to discover a second layer with a colourful selection of petit fours blending sponges. A selection of shapes designed to bounce, blend, and bake your makeup to perfection *chef’s kiss*.

Products Include:

  • 5 x Midi Sized Brushes
  • D04- Dewy Foundation
  • A32- Precision Cheek
  • B06- Tall Tapered Blender
  • A16- Precision Crease
  • A24- Brow Styler
  • 4 x Cake Style Blending Sponges
  • 2-Tier Patisserie Style Box
Courtesy Of Brand


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