Byredo Shimmering Lipsticks

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Byredo has just released their new Shimmering Lipsticks and we’ve got all the details!  The lipsticks are available now and priced at $42 each.


Official Release Date: September 16th, 2021


Byredo Shimmering Lipsticks


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Brand Description

If you’re yet to hear, Byredo has a new beauty on scene: The Shimmering lipstick. Whipped up into four shades, the formula is enriched with shimmering pigments that reflect light and add depth to your pout while keeping lips hydrated – we’ve got the high levels of colour saturation, to thank for that. Oh, and it’s encased in a curved bi-colour metal case that’s ergonomically designed for comfort and precision and designed to echo bamboo.

Colour rich with an exceptional formulation that is both comfortable and impeccable. BYREDO LIPSTICK has sumptuous levels of colour saturation and does not dry the lips. 

In its silver-gold, bi-colour metal curvilinear casing, the form of BYREDO LIPSTICK echoes bamboo. Here, the organic shape and distinct weight also play on the precious quality of cosmetics casings past, today brought into the future. Within, a precision slim-line stick is protected by a satisfying magnetic click. 

Shades Include:

  • Damson Jam – A high intensity pink-plum. A shimmering finish reflects light and adds depth.
  • Vieux Rose – A vibrant antique rose. A shimmering finish reflects light and adds depth. 
  • Amber In Furs – A warmly shimmering nude. A shimmering finish reflects light and adds depth. 
  • Feverish – A gently glittering pink. A shimmering finish reflects light and adds depth.  
Courtesy Of Brand

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