Christian Louboutin So Glow Lipstick

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Christian Louboutin has just released the new So Glow Lipstick and we’ve got all the details!  The lipstick is available now and priced at $47 with a matching case available for $52.

Official Release Date: September 1st, 2021



Christian Louboutin So Glow Lipstick

Brand Description:  

In the beauty sphere, Christian Louboutin is just as aesthetic as within the world of high heels. The brand’s lipsticks have become as much of a staple as its red-bottom stilettos, with the So Glow lip colour signing off your make-up look with Parisian glamour beyond compare. This refillable design is engineered to clip seamlessly into the label’s decorative cases as an act of kindness to our planet, and it can also be adorned with your choice of charms.


Christian Louboutin So Glow Lipstick Case

Brand Description:  

Glamour is the language of Christian Louboutin, and the So Glow lipstick case is entirely fluent. Presented as a home for the brand’s beloved lipsticks, this design is best placed on your vanity as a source of decadent inspiration as you apply your make-up. Your favourite shade clips effortlessly into this Italian-crafted piece, treating the label’s luxurious lipstick component with thecare and grandeur that it deserves.

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