Sneak Peek! MAC Cosmetics Tempting Fate Collection

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MAC Cosmetics has just released a preview of their new Tempting Fate Collection and we’ve got all the details!  The collection features products ranging in price from £17.50 to £35.00.

Official Preview Date: August 19th, 2021



MAC Tempting Fate Eyeshadow x 8: Feast Your Eyes

Brand Description:  

A palette of eight rich, highly pigmented pressed-powder shadows featuring decadent colourful hues and three all-new textures.

Behold the power of pigment. Feast your eyes on the succulent shades of autumn, dripping in temptation. These saturated shadows in decadent colourful hues are now available in three never-before-seen textures: the metallised Prismetallic Eye Shadow, luminous Leather Lustre Eye Shadow and glitzy Sparkler Eye Shadow. Enrobed in luxurious special-edition, gilded baroque packaging.

Shades Include:

  • Feast Your Eyes: White gold (Sparkler)

  • Yesterday’s Gossip: Pinky Beige (Leather Lustre)

  • Golden Rage: Chocolate brown (Leather Lustre)

  • Midnight Stunner: Mauvy midtone pink (Leather Lustre)

  • All That Jam: Bright copper (Prismetallic)

  • What A Pear: Shimmery green with gold pearl (Sparkler)

  • Velvet Vamp: Shimmering champagne (Sparkler)

  • Brocade Renegade: Deep eggplant purple (Leather Lustre)


MAC Tempting Fate Lipstick

Brand Description:  

A limited-edition collection of berry and neutral lipstick shades in matte and amplified finishes.

Surrender to your Lipstick cravings with plush berry and neutral pigments, each in tantalising Matte or Amplified textures. MAC Lipstick – the iconic product that made MAC famous. All are enrobed in luxurious special-edition, gilded baroque packaging.

Available in shades:

  • Burnished Beige
  • Avant Garnet
  • Dusty Grape
  • Tarnished Reputation
  • On A Petal-Still
  • Bittersweetie


MAC Tempting Fate Strobe Face Glaze

Brand Description:  

A limited-edition, iridescent glossy blush that delivers the dewiest, flushed glow.

This iridescent glossy blush oozes with lust to deliver the dewiest, flushed glow. This smooth, glossy balm with glowing pearlescent particles delivers dimensional colour to skin that beams with luminosity. Sheer out the Glaze on skin for a more translucent, sophisticated oil-slicked look. Stays in place, but is still lightweight enough to comfortably wear. Enrobed in luxurious special-edition, gilded baroque packaging.

Available in shades:

  • Rose Gold Glow
  • Barococoa
  • Punk In Spice


MAC Tempting Fate Fix+

Brand Description:  

A limited-edition, shimmery fix+ formula infused with pearlescent particles for your ultimate luminous glow.


MAC Tempting Fate Eye Kohl

Brand Description:  

A limited-edition eye liner in three rich, colourful shades with a silky smooth finish..

Shades Include:

  • Better Than Beige
  • Cobalt Kohl
  • Pine For Me


MAC Tempting Fate 224S Brush

Brand Description:  

A limited-edition, tapered brush that sheerly applies and blends eye shadow and is perfect for contouring the creases.

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