Violet Voss Olive You Forever Palette

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Violet Voss Cosmetics has just released their new Olive You Forever Palette and we’ve got all the details!  The palette is available now and priced at $34.  Check out more information about the release below!

Official Release Date: January 28th, 2021

Where To Buy:  Violet Voss + Sephora

Olive You Forever Palette $34.00

Brand Description:

The Olive You Forever Palette was designed with universally flattering olives and hues that compliment one another flawlessly. Packed with the most luxe formulas from creamy mattes, mesmerizing metallics and impactful foils. Achieve endless eyeshadow looks from a modern soft sultry to a seductive olive smokey eye that will have them green with envy. 

12 shades of luxurious olives and coordinating hues in our most sought after PRO formulas. 

Where To Buy:  Violet Voss + Sephora

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