Kiko Milano Holiday Gems Gift Sets

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Kiko Milano has just released their new Holiday Gems Gift Sets and we’ve got all the details!  The products range in price from £4.99 to £34.99.  Check out more details about the release below!

Official Pre-Order Release Date: November 2020

Where To Buy: Kiko Milano

Holiday Gems Diamond Dust Lipstick Set £24.99⁠

Brand Description:

Gift set with 3 Diamond Dust Lipsticks.  Ideal for a unique and unforgettable gift for stand-out lips during the holidays.

It’s special because:
– it’s a wonderful set to gift to yourself or others, with jaw-dropping lipsticks in a limited collector’s edition.
– it features an exclusive gem-inspired packaging;
– it contains 3 best-selling lipsticks with a sparkling metallic finish and a creamy texture in must-have full-coverage colours;
– it makes the lips sparkle with an explosion of micro-pearls.

Holiday Gems Velvet Passion Set £34.99⁠

Brand Description:

Gift set with 7 Velvet Passion Matte Lipsticks.  Ideal for a fun and original makeup gift to envelop the lips in a different colour every day of the week.

Holiday Gems Timeless Lip Kit £11.99⁠

Brand Description:

Perfect lip kit featuring a creamy, opaque lipstick, a long-lasting lip liner and a pochette to create a complete look wherever you want.    A timeless gift with classic, universal shades inside a sparkling pochette.

Holiday Gems Mini Lipsticks Set £9.99⁠

Brand Description:

Gift set with 3 mini Powder Power Mini Lipsticks.  A trendy gift for a flawless matte-finish smile.

Holiday Gems Match The Gloss Kit £11.99⁠

Brand Description:

Ultra-glossy lip and nail kit featuring a glossy liquid lipstick, a shiny coloured nail lacquer and a pochette to create a complete, bold, glossy look wherever you want.  A ready-to-go gift inside a sparkling pouch, for a coordinated look to show off all day long.

Holiday Gems Diva Eyes Kit £12.99⁠

Brand Description:

High-definition eye kit featuring a panoramic volume-enhancing mascara for bold lashes, an automatic eye pencil for both the inner and outer lid and a pochette.  A flawless eye look with intense volume and definition, for a magnetic gaze.

Holiday Gems Smoky Eyes Kit £12.99⁠

Brand Description:

Smoky eyes kit featuring 2 highly pigmented repositionable eyeshadows that can be used wet or dry, a long-wearing, intense and gliding eye pencil for the outer eye and a pochette.  An alluring gift to create perfect smoky eyes for a magnetic gaze.

Holiday Gems All Over Gleam Kit £24.99⁠

Brand Description:

All-over glow kit featuring a glowy, all-over powder highlighter and a synthetic-fibre powder brush for the face and body.  A unique gift that will highlight and illuminate the face and body with a radiant finish.

Holiday Gems Never W/O Brushes Set £24.99⁠

Brand Description:

A full synthetic-fibre brush set featuring a sculpting brush, a highlighter brush, a dual-ended brush to apply and blend eyeshadows and a pochette.

Holiday Gems Glam Kit £19.99⁠

Brand Description:

A glam look kit featuring a wet & dry metallic finish eyeshadow, a mascara with a mini wand for a maxi definition- and volume-enhancing effect, and a softening 3D-effect lip gloss.

Holiday Gems On The Go Chic Kit £19.99⁠

Brand Description:

A mini-sized full on-the-go look kit featuring a volume-enhancing mascara, an eyeliner pen, a face palette, a matte-finish lipstick and a pochette.

Holiday Gems Tlc Face Masks Set £9.99⁠

Brand Description:

Kit featuring 3 best-selling face masks: purifying, hydrating and anti-fatigue.  

Ideal for taking care of your complexion and indulging in moments of relaxation. Some pampering to incorporate into your skincare routine or a relaxing break, to choose based on your mood and your skin’s needs.

Holiday Gems Cleanse & Chill Kit £4.99⁠

Brand Description:

After-party kit featuring makeup remover wipes for the face, eyes and lips, moisturising eye masks and a pochette.  A handy kit to always keep in your bag when spending the night away from home.

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