XX Revolution XX Eyeshadow Palette NeXXt Generation

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Get all the details on the new makeup release from XX Revolution!  It’s the XX Eyeshadow Palette NeXXt Generation.  The palette is priced at $36 USD.  Read on to find out more!

Official Release Date: October 3rd, 2020

Where To Buy:  XX Revolution + Ulta Beauty

XX Revolution XX Eyeshadow Palette NeXXt Generation $36

Brand Description:

Introducing our rule breaking 66 shade XX Revolution XX Shadow Palettes.

Your. Shades. Covered. You want it? You got it. 66 shades to unleash your artistry. Endless colour combinations and a mixture of matte and foil finishes to create next-level looks. Ft. 6 jumbo-sized staple shadows and 60 regular sized colour pops.

NeXXt Generation
Not everyone’s nudes look the same, so we wanted to create the most comprehensive collection of nude shadows out there. No matter your style, tone, or mood, everyone can find their nude lewk in this 66 neutral eyeshadow palette. From cool tones to warm tones, from light to deep, everyone and their mother can create a lewk that looks gud. With endless transition shades combined with creamy metallic shimmers for that POP, this palette is more than meets the eye.

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