Introducing Byredo Makeup! New Beauty Brand Launch

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Get all the details on the new debut collection released from Byredo Makeup – conceived by Byredo’s Founder and Creative Director, Ben Gorham, and world-renowned make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench!  The products range in price from $30 to $45 USD.  Check out the details below!

Official Release Date: October 1st, 2020

Where To Buy:  Byredo + Selfridges

Brand Description:

The universal product. A multi-use stick to be used all over the face. Buildable coverage that is easy to apply and combine with other BYREDO COLOUR STICKS to contrast or enhance.

Brand Description:

Colour rich with an exceptional formulation that is both comfortable and impeccable. BYREDO LIPSTICK has sumptuous levels of colour saturation and does not dry the lips.

In its silver-gold, bi-colour metal curvilinear casing, the form of BYREDO LIPSTICK echoes bamboo. Here, the organic shape and distinct weight also play on the precious quality of cosmetics casings past, today brought into the future. Within, a precision slim-line stick is protected by a satisfying magnetic click.

Brand Description:

Defining and buildable to enhance and sculpt the lashes from the root. 85% ingredients of natural origin. In its striking, curved red container; abstract, totemic, and ergonomic the BYREDO MASCARA is as much a treasured object as a beauty tool. Its short, precision silicone brush can be used to reach lashes individually, enhancing and sculpting.  Vegan formula. 

Brand Description:

Perfect intensity in a single stroke with a high-precision applicator. Smudge and transfer proof with humidity resistance and 99.2% ingredients of natural origin. Vegan formula. Whether bold or fine lines, they stay true for twelve hours. The eyeliner is housed in a distinct green container, inspired by nature yet abstracted and futuristic in feel. 

Brand Description:

A 99.8% natural, ultra-nourishing formula, smooth, gliding and genderless, one single coat is enough for hours of comfort. In its distinct curvilinear, anthracite metal casing – echoing bamboo – weight and precision are utilised. The slim-line stick contained within is sealed with a magnetic click.

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