New! House Of Sillage Wonder Woman 1984™ Collection Limited Edition

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Get the details on the new makeup release from House of Sillage!  It’s the Wonder Woman 1984™ Collection Limited Edition.  The products range in price from $250 to $395.  Check out the details below!

House Of Sillage

Official Release Date: July 31st, 2020

Available On: 

Wonder Woman 1984™ Collection Limited Edition Bow Lipstick Set $250

Brand Description:

House of Sillage has brought haute joaillerie to luxury cosmetics with the Wonder Woman 1984 Limited Edition Bow Lipstick Set. Dynamically designed with brilliantly multi-chromatic streaks, this vibrant Bow Lipstick Case evokes fierce femininity and electrifying adrenaline, that unleashes your inner super heroine. The gold-plated sides, embellished with an elegant motif, emulate Wonder Woman’s majestic armor. Included in this set is our Diamond Powder Satin Finish Lipstick Refill in our fearlessly bold, rich red shade in “Wonder Woman”. This is the hallmark of innovation, beauty, and opulence.

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Wonder Woman 1984™ Collection Limited Edition Parfum $395

Brand Description:

This charismatically sultry and bold fragrance empowers you with a fearless flair to find your truth and passionately pursue your authentic destiny. The alluring scent instantly ignites a surge of euphoric adrenaline and resilience, setting your soul on fire. Dynamically presented in a bold, multi-chromatic design infused throughout the cap, the vibrant streaks evoke fierce femininity and exhilarating thrill. Dare to unleash your inner goddess and discover your authentic truth, with the exclusive Limited Edition Wonder Woman 1984 Fragrance by House of Sillage.

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