New! Viseart Petit Pro Midsommer And Solstice Palettes

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Get the details on the new makeup release from Viseart!  It’s the Petit Pro Midsommer & Solstice Palettes.  The palettes are priced at $30 each with the full bundle priced at $60.  Check out the details below!

Viseart Paris

Official Release Date: July 2020

Available On: 

Petit Pro Palette Midsommer & Solstice Bundle $60

Brand Description:

Embrace an ethereal and enchanting summertime ambiance from Viseart with their two new magical and luminous neutral Petit Pro palettes: Solstice and Midsommer! These ‘elevated everyday’ essential, eye-enhancing nude shades are empowering not overpowering, giving you simple and delicate control of your work-time to summertime play!

Balmy, neutral-toned Petit Pro Solstice with a soft and sumptuous duo-chrome is the newest core staple and Petit Pro Midsommer is sublimely cool with lyrical, celestial duo-chrome hues. Viseart’s two new summertime palettes offer a refreshing and chic twist on matte and gossamer shades, effortlessly inspiring your refined, sun-swept, elegant reverie.

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Petit Pro Palette Midsommer $30

Brand Description:

Viseart’s ode to those enchanting midsummer evenings enveloped in a dream of love. The puckishly charming Petit Pro Midsommer is a potion of soft cool mattes and gossamer-light shimmers worthy of faerie wings! Inspired by the ethereal magic of ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ where love, myth, and mother nature intertwine, Petit Pro Midsommer will weave its beautiful spell to capture your heart. You’ll be entranced by the spellbinding duo-chrome ‘Changeling’, bewitched by the delicate and dreamy ‘Faerie’ and captivated by the majestic ‘Titania’. The passionate and playful Petit Pro Midsommer has 8 beguiling shades to animate your summer dreams!

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Petit Pro Palette Solstice $30

Brand Description:

Petit Pro Solstice is a turning point of ignited shades in a harmonious balance of matte and shimmers!

With a rapturous selection of all-new earthbound hues, this divine Petit Pro Solstice palette is a bliss of rich, sun-drenched colors. Exalt your eyes with the sublime neutral sheen of Solstice – the key to your effortless nude ready-to-wear look! A jubilant new cycle begins as we gather to celebrate transformation, strength, and creativity with four harmonious matte tones, three shimmer shades, and a sumptuous duo-chrome.

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