New! Rituel De Fille The Chimera Metamorphic Highlighter

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Get the details on the new makeup release from Rituel De Fille!  It’s Moon Drop The Chimera Metamorphic Highlighter.  The company will be donating 100% of profits from the sale of The Chimera Metamorphic Highlighter to The Equal Justice Initiative and The Innocence Project. The highligher is priced at $32.    Check out the details below!

Rituel De Fille

Official Release Date: July 2020

Available On:  Rituel De Fille

The Chimera Metamorphic Highlighter $32

Brand Description:

The Chimera: Impart the glowing, dewy radiance of a meadow nymph. This luminous lime blossom shade evokes dew on tender leaves, soft sunlight gleaming through newly blooming flowers, and the glow of fireflies at dusk. It is the color to wear in the sun of summer, a truly universal, fresh, and extraordinarily flattering shade.

Light is the most important ingredient. Whenever The Chimera catches the light—particularly sunlight—it refracts with stunning radiance, and it catches and reflects ambient light in darkness.

Metamorphic Highlighter: You are the prism. Transform your spectrum with this otherworldly crème highlighter. With translucent radiance and sublime color shifts, Metamorphic Highlighters create an unearthly luminosity like an alien inner light.

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