New Skincare! Laneige Glowy Face Serum

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Get the details on the new skincare release from Laneige!  It’s the Glowy Face Serum – designed to lock in moisture, keep oil in check, and elevate your natural glow!  The serum is priced at $32.  Check out the details below!

Release Date: March 29th, 2020


Glowy Face Serum
Price: $32

Brand Description:

A lightweight, hydrating serum that keeps oil in check for visibly smoother skin and longer-lasting makeup wear.

The hydrating formula delivers and locks in moisture while addressing oil levels. It is formulated with diamond mineral powder which creates a visibly healthy, reflective glow, while Light Fit Prep Technology comfortably adheres to skin for extended makeup wear. You can use this serum face primer with or without makeup for a visibly hydrated glow.


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