New Makeup! Plouise Valentines Day Collection 2020

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Get the details on the new makeup release from Plouise Makeup Academy!  It’s their 2020 Valentines Collection!  The products range in price from £13.50 to £60.  Check out the details below!

Quick Facts

  • Release Date: February 10th, 2020
  • All images courtesy of Plouise Makeup Academy

P.Louise Love Tapes Palette

Image: Courtesy of brand

Brand Description:  

With this palette we bring you 18 luxurious shades and 2 gleaming highlight reels.

With an array of vibrant pinks and reds, this palette will be the go-to of your kit.

P.Louise Mystery Box

Image: Courtesy of brand

Brand Description:  

Our £60 mystery box will include £100 worth of products from brands such as:

P.Louise cosmetics including the Valentines Day Collection.
P.Louise fashion

P.Louise Diary Of Secrets Brush Set

Image: Courtesy of brand

Brand Description:  

Not only does our ‘Diary Of Secrets’ contain all our lessons on self love, but they also feature 3 handles of perfection, introducing you to our new iconic brushes:

  • So Deep With My Contour
  • Too Lost In My Blend
  • Devoted To My Base

P.Louise Prime & Define Metallic Base

Image: Courtesy of brand

Brand Description:  

Our metallic bases glide on the skin effortlessly with no troubles of creasing, cracking or flaking. The thick consistency allows for a completely opaque finish, resulting in a smooth application.

  • Hooked Up
  • Extra AF
  • No Games
  • You’re Glowin’

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