MAC 2020 Spring Collection Loud And Clear

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Get the details on the  new makeup release from MAC Cosmetics!  It’s the 2020 Spring Collection Loud And Clear and its packed with gorgeous nude shades!  From lipsticks and highlighters to lipglasses and eyeshadows, check out the details below!

Quick Facts

  • Limited Edition
  • Release Date: February 2020
  • All images courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics Loud And Clear Extra Dimension Skin Finish

HOT DAMN-OISELLE D’AVIGNON – A shimmering rose gold highlighter

POSTMODERNIST PEACH – A warm peachy gold highlighter

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MAC Cosmetics Loud And Clear Lipsticks

SUGAR SWEET CAMEO – A medium strong coral pink

SUGAR DADA – A warm brownish orange

FLEUR D’CORAL – A light peach shade

BAROQUE THE INTERNET – A warm nude pink

Image: Courtesy of brand

YASH – A deep neutral

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MAC Cosmetics Loud And Clear Lipglass

VOYEUR IS ME – A dirty rose

PAINTED LADY – A pink coral with yellow undertone

HEART HEIST – A light warm pink

FEMALE GAZE – A bright orange with yellow and gold colored mother of pearl

Image: Courtesy of brand

DECO-A-GO-GO – A pale yellow nude

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MAC Cosmetics Loud And Clear Eyeshadows

TROMPE L’OL – A soft peach

PAINT BY UMBER – An orange coral

OMEGA – A soft muted beige

KEEP STYLE – A dirty rose colored pink

BOUGIE BABE – A reddish brown

BACK TO SURREALITY- A yellow toned nude

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