Morphe x Pony Park 35I Icy Fantasy Artistry Palette & Pop Of Palette Lipstick Trio

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Get the details on the new makeup release from Morphe!  It’s the collaboration with Pony Park featuring The 35 Icy Fantasy Artistry Palette priced at $25!  Plus the Pop of Pastel Matte Lipstick Trios priced at $18.  Check out the details below!

Quick Facts

  • Primary Release Date: January 16th, 2020 on Morphe, Selfridges, Cult Beauty 
  • Secondary Release Date: January 19th on Ulta and Sephora Canada
  • All images courtesy of Morphe
Image: Courtesy of brand

Brand Description:  

Escape into this icy vortex that includes matte, shimmer, and iridescent shades, plus silk slip toppers and a touch of glitter. Each color is inspired by cool pastel tones that’ll give you some chills.

White Out (matte bright white)
Snow Glow (shimmering pale gold)
Wishful (matte lemon yellow)
Flash Freeze (iridescent icy green)
Secret Escape (matte blushing pink)
So Surreal (iridescent icy pink)
Spellbinding (shimmering purple lilac)

Brrr-illiant (ice white silk slip topper)
Euphoria (celestial blue silk slip topper)
Echo (matte avocado green)
Thaw Yeah (shimmering mint green)
Chill Thrill (matte mint blue)
Into the Blue (matte sky blue)
Dreamer (matte vivid lavender)

Get Fresh (matte apricot cream with sparkle)
Coral Cloud (matte coral)
Soar (shimmering pink coral)
Dazed (shimmering green apple)
Cold Snap (shimmering steel blue)
Below Zero (matte stone gray)
Deliver Shiver (matte dusty violet)

Imagine (shimmering blush)
Rosy Haze (rose pink silk slip topper)
Sky High (matte bubblegum pink)
Mystical (holographic green silk slip topper)
Starlit (smoky gold silk slip topper)
Arctic Abyss (matte storm gray)
Holothermia (shimmering electric purple)

Hush (matte taupe)
Fierce Flurry (shimmering champagne)
Avalanche (shimmering dusty mauve)
Cosmic Cool (shimmering silvered purple)
Frostbright (silver glitter)
Black Ice (shimmering blue gunmetal)
Charmed (shimmering dark chocolate)

Morphe Pop of Pastel Matte Lipstick Trio

Image: Courtesy of brand

Brand Description:  

It’s going to be love at first swipe. Super pigmented and so wearable, these matte, full-coverage shades in dreamy pastel hues are a gorgeous way to finish off any look.

Shades Include:  

  • Mystify (pastel lilac)⁣
  • Charisma (pastel peach)⁣
  • Wonder (pastel rose)

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