New! Beauty Blender Wave Shadeshifter Makeup Sponge

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Get the details on the new  release from Beauty Blender!  It’s the hot new Wave Shadeshifter Makeup Sponge!  The sponge is priced at $20.  Check out the details below!

Quick Facts

  • Release Date: December 25th, 2019
  • All images courtesy of Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender Wave Shadeshifter Makeup Sponge

Image: Courtesy of brand

Brand Description:  

A first-ever, color-changing Beautyblender—watch it transform when soaked in hot water.

While every beautyblender works best when wet to deliver an airbrushed finish, new Shadeshifter heat-activated technology allows your blender to change color right before your eyes. Soaking this new beautyblender in hot water transforms it from a gorgeous lilac to a pale powder blue.

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