Colourpop’s Whatever Palette! The Top Eyeshadow Looks

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If you’re looking for a palette that delivers the ultimate fall look, then Colourpop’s Whatever Palette is just what you need.  From dusty peach shades to deep red plums, the 9-pan palette is high in pigmentation and easily one of Colourpop’s most popular products of the year.  We’ve gathered some of the top looks created by super talented beauty influencers.  Check out our picks below!

Colourpop Call it Whatever Burgundy Collection
Source: Colourpop
Source: jvongphoumy
Source: jdeztv
Source: withlove.nadia
Source: makeupshayla
Source: laurabadura
Source: caitlinanneduffx
Source: beauty_by_elley
Source: makeupbylee
Source: simply_beauty_by_anxhela


  1. Ok but can we get the freaking tutorials on these looks? At least the first one.

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