New Makeup! Melt Cosmetics Amor Eterno 2019 Holiday Collection

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Get all the details on the new makeup release from Melt Cosmetics!  The stunning Amor Eterno Holiday Collection is inspired by Mexican traditions and celebrates the joy of life.  It includes palettes, lipsticks, highlighters, liners, and brushes.  The products  range in price from $19 to $290.  Check out the details below!

Quick Facts

  • Limited Edition
  • Vida Pressed Pigment Palette
  • Muerte Eyeshadow Palette
  • Iluminación Highlighter
  • Gel Liners
  • Liquid Lipsticks
  • Brush Set
  • Release Date: November 2019
  • All images courtesy of Melt Cosmetics
Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection

Melt Amor Eterno PR Collection

Price $290

Brand Description: Our most meaningful holiday collection yet! Amor Eterno is a colorful collection that celebrates the joy of life and the eternal bond you have with the ones you love even when they are no longer with you.

Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection

Melt Amor Eterno Vida Palette

Price $58

Brand Description: Pressed pigment palette honors life with rich tones of marigolds, fiery reds and warm neutrals, inspired by music and traditional food.

Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection

Shades Include:

  • Sarape – Green salsa with a sensational gold glitter.
  • Papel picado – Let the party begin! Adorn the eyes with this lime popsicle color.
  • Amor Eterno – Dazzling yellow green tone, fall in love at first sight with it’s citrine tint.
  • Agua Ardiente – Intoxicating agave nectar with a smoky olive undertone.
  • Chocolate – Delectable warm brown, contains a sumptuous amount of cacao pigment perfect tone to warm you up.
  • Atole – Start the day and your eyeshadow base with this enjoyable hint of cinnamon beige tone. Add to the lid until you achieve the perfect consistency.
  • Sol – Capture the light of day with this brilliant sunflower hue.
  • Pan Dulce – Hot out of the oven, satisfy your sweet tooth with this orange marmalade tone. Maximize it’s flavor by applying it over a warm base.
  • Alegria – Inspired by the magical marigold flower this shimmery grapefruit will fill you with happiness. Use it freely for you only live once.
  • Mexicana – She is passionate the color of a red flame. Be brave this color was created to be flaunted.
Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection

Melt Amor Eterno Muerte Palette

Price $58

Brand Description: Intense burgundies, plums, velvety greens and dazzling blues inspired by the night sky after a long cheerful fiesta commemorates loved ones that have passed.

Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection

Shades Include:

  • Angelito – Luminous celestial blue, this satin eyeshadow will make your makeup look pure.
  • Lagrimas – Turquoise hue, just like grandmas house. This sentimental mint tone is full of memories and the aroma of sweet bread.
  • Duelo – Powerful jungle green, apply this shade little by little until you obtain the desired intensity.
  • Panteon – Deep jet grey, there’s no nostalgia only intense pigment.
  • Noche Eterna – !May the good times never end! Recharge with this potent midnight blue.
  • Catrina – Get all dolled up with this flirty imperial blue shadow with an abundant turquoise shimmer.
  • Velorio – Leave your worries behind and fill yourself with hope with this voluptuous plum hue.
  • Sangre – Delightful and juicy dark cherry tone let your eyes be a fountain of life.
  • Corazon – Where all feelings are born let yourself be swept away with this sensual pomegranate color.
  • Calaca – Sweeten your gaze with this glistening sugar-bone hue.
Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection

Melt Amor Eterno Iluminación Highlighter

Price $39

Brand Description: Mystical iridescent pink opal, delicate pigments combine with the perfect formula for the truest color imaginable achieve a highly polished glow from within.

Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection
Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection

Melt Amor Eterno Gel Liner Set

Price $55
Individual Price $19 each

Brand Description: 4 Amor Eterno Gel Liners

Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection

Shades Include:

  • Santos – This shocking bright ocean blue with a beautiful aqua glitter will surely make you the queen of the party.
  • Inmortal – Primordial intense black, it’s profound dark ultramatte tone will frame your eyes beautifully.
  • Fortuna – Deep emerald green, this opaque green color will make your eyes look luxurious.
  • Cultura – Refresh your gaze with this cinnamon orange liner.
Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection

Melt Amor Eterno Liquid Lipstick Set

Price $40
Individual Price $19

Brand Description: 3 Amor Eterno Liquid Lipsticks

Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection

Shades Include:

  • Mariachi – Live your life singing with this vivid royal purple tone. The intense purple color was made to make you dance.
  • Monarca – Spiritual mandarin color, it’s soft texture and citrusy tone will remind you of beautiful butterflies.
  • Fiesta – Pour the tequila for this brilliant strawberry sorbet liquid lipstick will stay put all night.
Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection

Melt Amor Eterno Brush Set

Price $80

Brand Description: Elegant face and eye metal brush set with custom Papel Picado design, and ultra-soft synthetic bristles, vegan! The set comes complete with a vibrant sarape print pouch for safe keeping.

Shades Include:

  • 777 Cara – Dense synthetic hairs of the Cara Brush buff Iluminacíon Digital Dust Highlight on to the skin creating a flawless luster. The angle of the brush allows the bristles to hug the face and distributes product evenly! This brush also doubles as your new favorite foundation brush!
  • 818 Mezcla – Blend like a breeze with the Mezcla Brush! The Domed synthetic bristles allow you to diffuse the edges of your Vida and Muerte Palette eye looks or add a soft natural wash of color in the crease.
  • 87 Transición – The Transicion Brush does the work for you! Use the flat sides of this brush to pack eyeshadow on the lid and the edge of the bristles to diffuse!
  • 517 Lapiz – It’s all in the details with the Lapiz Brush! Use this brush to pack shadow on the eye with precision, add small details, or smudge your Melt Gel Liner for a to-die-for smoky wing.
  • 25 Precisión – Add definition meticulously with the Precisión Brush! Use it to smudge Melt Gel Liner or Eyeshadow on the lower lash line, create crisp lines, or use the precision edge it to clean up with concealer.
  • 96 Linea – Create a sharp wing effortlessly with the Linea Brush! The tapered synthetic bristles come to a fine point that creates precise Melt Gel Liner graphic lines and can add the finest eyeshadow details to complete the look.

Product Inspiration

Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection
Instagram: meltcosmetics
Melt Amor Eterno Holiday Collection
Instagram: meltcosmetics

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