Love It or Hate It? Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection

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We’ve got the latest reviews for the new Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection.  It’s certainly one of the most buzzed about makeup releases of 2019 and the reviews are starting to roll in!  Find out the real deal from beauty lovers who spent their hard earned money on some of the products.  Who loves it?  Who hates it? Find out below.


Beautylish Users

Brandi K
Brandi KBeautylish Read More
This collection can literally change someone’s life. I’m soooo happy with this purchase😩 and with monthly payments? Literally my life is better because of these products lol the lipsticks are flawless, the palettes are flawless, the mirrors are amazing, everything is so well thought through and filled with love. Best purchase I’ve ever made. Hands down.
Ashleigh M
Ashleigh MBeautylish Read More
I am a huge shame Dawson and Jeffree Star fan so this collection was perfect for me. The mirrors are big and beautiful in size and quality. The bag feels good and sturdy with more than enough room. The eye shadow pallets are stunning and All the lips were stunning on, though I wish for the lips they’d tone down the root beer scent, it’s a bit overpowering for me, and the gloss is simply amazing.
Lucilia G
Lucilia GBeautylish Read More
This was an AMAZING product!! The quality is so good, the mirrors were packaged so well and everything got to me in perfect condition the Wednesday after I ordered this (which was on a Friday) and I live in Ireland. So I’m pretty happy I purchased off of beautylish. The bundle is great and the liquid lips are so good! Very happy!
Eva S
Eva SBeautylish Read More
This was well worth the money (and helped offset the hassle of trying to add everything I wanted to my cart on launch day!) and shipped quickly. Everything was packaged beautifully as well. My sole complaints on this bundle were that like bundles on other sites that the Diet Shane Lip Balm was not a part of the set and that the liquid lippies did not come in that adorable pig box. But other then that this bundle is great!

Morphe Users

MorganMorphe Read More
I had wanted this palette since the first hint at a collaboration, I watched the series and fell in love with the entire collection. I’ve been a fan of Shane and Jeffree for years and years, I waited in line for 2 and a half hours outside of the Troy MI Morphe and got the Conspiracy Palette and The Gloss. I’m absolutely in love with each product and I’ve been using both daily for almost a week now!! They preform beautifully and the quality is beyond stunning!!!
AmandaMorphe Read More
Honestly, the only word that comes to mind is incredible. All of the shades are super creamy and pigmented, they blend SO nicely, and there are so many options. I usually gravitate to the warmer and neutral colors but do not be scared of this palette. It’s so beautiful and so much more than I expected.
Hanna H
Hanna HMorphe Read More
I have absolutely no words but AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. The shades feel like butter on the skin, and they are so pigmented. As a plus, they blend amazingly with other colors. I’m so happy to have spent my money on such a work of art. I hope Shane and Jeffree make more palettes like this. This should serve as an example for all other palettes out there. Absolutely everything I wanted and more.
Tammy H
Tammy HMorphe Read More
The Conspiracy palette & Mini Conspiracy palette are INCREDIBLY DETAILED! Jeffree Star has an IMPECCABLE gift for the arts & he’s very well skilled. The pigments are super velvety smooth, & the application is gonna be a DREAM. Shane did an OUTSTANDING job w/ this collaboration. He deserves all things GREAT! I’m so so proud both of them & the team. Andrew also did his THANG w/ the design. Just beautiful…I’m so glad I stood in line @ Lenox Mall, & was blessed 2 have purchased both palettes. Thxs so much Morphe for a seamless experience! I absolutely LOVE my palettes.

Beauty Bay Users

EllieBeauty Bay Read More
Did I need 2 pig mirrors and 3 make up bags? Absolutely not! Was it worth it? Absolutely it was! Girl, let me tell you, I NEVER write reviews but these shades are pigmented the house, ranch was sent from the heavens, it is BLINDING. The pink lip shades are not for me personally but the other shades are sickening on my skin tone! I am so glad I have the whole collection, love Shane and Jeffree, feel so lucky to be a part of their journey! If you don’t want to buy the whole collection, you definitely need to get yourself a pig mirror and one of the palettes, you wont regret it! P.S The black and pink makeup bags are very luxurious and roomy, big enough to fit the conspiracy palette in and maybe another one of JS palettes too.


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