What’s New from Becca Cosmetics? It’s The Pearl Glow Collection

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Get the details on the hottest new makeup release from Becca Cosmetics!    From a shimmering eye palette to a glow-inducing highlighter.   The products are priced at $58 and $40 respectively.   Check out all the details below!

Quick Facts

  • Pearl Glow Shimmering Eye Palette
  • Prisma Pearl Highlighter
  • Release Date: October 18th, 2019
  • All images courtesy of Becca Cosmetics

Becca Cosmetics Pearl Glow Shimmering Eye Palette

Price $58

Brand Description: A limited-edition eye shadow palette featuring 3 brand new versatile finishes – pearlescent, luminous and matte.

Shades Include:

  • Lilac Pearl (luminous lavender)
  • Freshwater (pearlescent blue)
  • Iridescent Aura (pearlescent soft pink)
  • Warm Sands (luminous, sandy taupe)
  • Tahitian (moody, luminous blue)
  • Oyster (pearlescent silver)
  • Sunlight (pearlescent white gold)
  • Pink Pearl (luminous pinky gold)
  • Exotic Black Pearl (dramatic black matte)
  • Pacific (pearlescent, deep indigo)
  • Cove (pearlescent chocolate)
  • Coconut Shell (luxurious matte brown)

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Becca Prisma Pearl Highlighter

Price $40

Brand Description: A water-light, jellified highlighter that creates a pure, pearlescent glow. Shade: Pure Pearl

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