Ranked! Colourpop x Disney Midnight Masquerade Lux Liquid Lipsticks

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We’ve rounded up the new Colourpop Disney Midnight Masquerade Lux Liquid Lipsticks and here are our rankings!  From the nude-tone pinks to the raspberry shade – find out which ones we think are the best and worst of the bunch.

Colourpop Midnight Masquerade


Prince Philip

A pink red lipstick shade


Prince Edward Lux Liquid Lipstick

A coral pink lipstick shade


Prince Naveen Lux Liquid Lipstick

A burnt orange red lipstick shade


Flynn Lux Liquid Lipstick

A rose plum lipstick shade


Wonderboy Lux Liquid Lipstick

A rich berry lipstick shade


Beast Lux Liquid Lipstick

A mid-tone pink nude lipstick shade


Phoebus Lux Liquid Lipstick

A deep raspberry lipstick shade


Prince Charming Lux Liquid Lipstick

A true pink lipstick shade

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