New Makeup! Viseart Grande Pro 3 Eyeshadow Palette

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Source: Viseart

Introducing the brand new eyeshadow palette from Viseart!  Get the details on the Grande Pro 3.    Featuring 30 vibrant ultra matte shades, the palette is priced at $175.  

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Pre-Order: September 15th, 2019
Release Date: October 1st, 2019

Product Details
Company Information
Product Details
The palette includes 30 shades, ultra-saturated, primary, secondary, and tertiary tones.  It also features individually magnetized pans, a folding easel palette, and a full sized mirror.
Company Information

Viseart Paris was founded by Anastasia Sparrow, a successful former model and San Francisco entrepreneur. Throughout her modeling career, Anastasia was consistently confounded by the lack of high quality makeup with the staying power to endure a lengthy film shoot without damaging her skin or causing allergic reactions. In 2012 she found the answer in Viseart, a niche professional cosmetics brand manufactured in Paris. Viseart became the doorway to creating premiere products without cutting corners or using fillers that tend to be the culprits of causing allergic reactions. She imagined a makeup community where everyone in the arena can play, no matter their skin type, sensitivities, or allergies.

With phenomenal makeup as her ally, Anastasia launched Viseart Paris into the global professional makeup community. The brand swiftly developed a stellar reputation for having an amazing shade range, long wear formulas, superb pigmentation and creamy textures- all without irritation. Viseart formulations are complex yet straightforward: fewer ingredients and no fillers means fewer allergies and lasting beauty.

(Courtesy of Viseart)

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  1. This palette looks so pretty❤❤

    1. Thanks for commenting! You’re right, the palette really is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for commenting! You’re right, the palette really is gorgeous!

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