New Makeup! Colourpop Call It Whatever Collection

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It’s another new release from Colourpop Cosmetics!  Their newest collection is Call It Whatever and it’s a makeup lover’s fall dream.  This burgundy collection consists of  an Eyeshadow Palette, Ultra Glossy Lip Glosses, Super Shock Blushes, BFF Mascara and more!   The overall collection is priced at  $99.  Check out the details below.

Release Date: September 12th, 2019

Colourpop Call it Whatever Burgundy Collection
Images courtesy of Colourpop
Colourpop Call it Whatever Burgundy Collection

Whatever Eyeshadow Palette

This palette consists of rich burgundy, warm terracotta, mixed finish shadows and glitters

Colourpop Call it Whatever Burgundy Collection

Stranger Than Diction Kit

This kit includes a volumizing BFF Mascara, BFF Créme Gel Liner and Créme Gel Colour in burgundy shades

Ultra Glossy Lip

A high shine gloss with medium-coverage, crème finish

Super Shock Blush

A long-wearing crème powder cheek formula


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