New Makeup! Morphe x Jeffree Star

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get more legendary, Morphe and Jeffree Star have collaborated once again to deliver a fresh batch of strawberry themed goodness.  Find out more about this Jeffree Star approved collection.

Source: Morphe

Source: Morphe

The Jeffree Star Artistry Palette $35

30 shades that deliver the perfect blend of matte and shimmer, this bright attention-grabbing palette makes a bold statement.

Source: Morphe

The Jeffree Star Eye Brush Collection $42

A collection of eye makeup brushes plus a cool, trendy makeup bag.  

Collection includes: 

  • JS5 Crease Kween Brush
  • JS6 Rule Blender Brush,
  • JS7 Double Trouble Brush
  • JS8 Drama Crease Brush
  • JS9 The Fluffer Creaes Brush
  • JS10 Diva Crease Brush
  • JS11 Blunt Packer Brush
  • JS12 Sport Mode Blender Brush
  • JS13 Pom Crease Brush
  • JS14 Happy Ending Liner Brush
  • Superstar Bag

Source: Morphe

Morphe x Jeffree Star Set & Refresh Mist $18

A Star-berry scented mist that delivers a refreshing spray to set your flawless face.

Source: Morphe

The Jeffree Star Beauty Sponge Trio $16

A collection of highlight and contour sponges in regular and mini sizes, that can also be used for baking.

Source: Morphe

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