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Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle – Violet Fury

Fenty Beauty Violet Fury

Sticking with our purple theme this week, let’s talk about Violet Fury. The right lip color can definitely brighten up your whole face and leave you feeling fabulous and fierce. So why not add a little violet to your collection? Check out Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle’s Violet Fury shade below. 

Violet Fury

A bold and vivid violet shade that adds some pop to your look.

Rihanna serving a flawless look in this deep, sultry shade.

Cinthia Osuna getting her glam on

Samantha Jane looks picture perfect in violet

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Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle -Turks and Caicos

Fenty Beauty Turks and Caicos

We all love a good matte lipstick. Last year we featured some of the Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle shades and they were a smashing success. To start the year we’ve decided to feature all the shades of the collection, including the new ones recently released. Check out the first one that caught our eye, it’s called Turks and Caicos.

Turks and Caicos

A deep teal with a matte finish, this shade is rich with colour.

Rihanna rocks a fierce lip that leaves us all in awe.

Alissa Ashley pairs her lipstick with matching earrings to create a fire look!

Okay Naomi Chin Wing we see you with the fierce lip look!

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