Foundations – Understanding Coverage

Describes the opacity and transparency of makeup.

Sheer Coverage:

  • Most transparent
  • Minimizes discoloration and lightly evens skin tone
  • Gives appearance of no foundation
  • Provides a more natural look
  • Very lightweight
  • Pigment content of 8-13%

Light Coverage:

  • Covers blotchiness
  • Covers unevenness in the skin
  • Pigment content of 13-18%

Medium Coverage:

  • Smooth coverage that does not shift or settle into lines of the face
  • Pigment content of 18-23%
  • Works well for combining two or more shades
  • Works for most skin types,
  • Thicker concentration
  • Provides more coverage than liquid foundation
  • Minimal quantity required
  • Perfect for those with dry or mature skin
  • increased hydration helps skin looks soft and smooth

Full Coverage:

  • Opaque coverage
  • Typically referred to as camouflage or corrective makeup
  • Pigment content typically 23% – 35%
  • HD performance makeup can contain up to 50% pigment.