Nabla Cosmetics Glorious Lights Glitter Palette & Vicious Mascara Gold Edition

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Nabla Cosmetics has just released their new Glorious Lights Glitter Palette & Vicious Mascara Gold Edition for the 2021 Holiday season and we’ve got all the details!  The palette and mascara are available now ranging in price from €23.90 to €24.00.


Official Release Date: December 3rd, 2021


Glorious Lights Glitter Palette


Courtesy Of Brand
Courtesy Of Brand
Brand Description

Glorious Lights Glitter Palette is a quad full of endless magnetic and chameleonic reflects with a trichrome accent. It’s a light source that excites and makes you glow with otherworldly and timeless flashes. Glorious Lights means no compromises: with only one swipe glitters remain adherent as long as you want to your skin.

• Leo: intense holographic scarab trichrome with gold, green and red reflects.
• Divine: bright and romantic rose quartz chunky glitter with burgundy micro sparkles.
• Aura: totally transparent base with lime green, coral reflects and lilac-baby blue holographic chunky glitter.
• Libra: delicate rosy platinum nude with tangerine, bronze and antique gold reflects.

Vicious Mascara Gold Edition


Courtesy Of Brand
Courtesy Of Brand
Brand Description

There’s only one stage where extreme volume and extra definition perform together: VICIOUS™

Extra volume mascara that immediately intensifies the lashes from the root, leaving the tips elongated, lifted and separated.

With its vinyl formula strategically combined with the claw-shaped combs of the brush, VICIOUS™ builds up a firm and intense lash line, giving depth to your eyes whilst separating the lash tips, so making your eyes look bigger.

Its effect is inspired by tightlining which makes your eyes appear bigger, more expressive and dazzling!

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