Hourglass Cosmetics Confession Red 0 Lipstick

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Hourglass Cosmetics has just released their new Confession Red 0 Vegan Lipstick and we’ve got all the details!  The lipstick is available now and priced at $40.  

Official Release Date: March 15th, 2021

Where To Buy:  Hourglass Cosmetics + Beautylish

Hourglass Cosmetics Confession Red 0 Lipstick $40.00

Brand Description:

A 100% vegan red lipstick formulated with our patent-pending replacement for carmine—the industry’s standard red pigment produced from crushed female insects. This special-edition shade uses our innovative ingredient, Red 0, to deliver a saturated, true red hue with animal-friendly pigments that do not compromise performance. Available in an exclusive red applicator adorned with a beetle, Red 0 symbolizes Hourglass’ ongoing commitment to animal welfare: zero animal byproducts, zero insects harmed.

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