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Get The Scoop! Fenty Beauty’s Tiger Tini

Rihanna’s makeup line Fenty Beauty continues to bring us high octane pigment with lightweight creamy texture in these amazing Mattemoiselle lipsticks. Here’s another one of our favorites.

One of the 10 shades that recently roared into stores is Tiger Tini. It’s a warm exotic orange with a matte finish. Check out some of its high end and low end dupes and get the scoop!

Check out our Fenty Beauty page for more fabulous Fenty products and some affordable dupe options.  Leave your thoughts on Fenty Beauty’s Tiger Tini in the comments!

What’s New? Morphe Fluidity Full-Coverage Foundation and Concealer

Morphe shocked the makeup world by releasing the Fluidity Full-Coverage Foundation and Concealer on January 17th. The collection has a whopping 60 shades of foundations and 31 shades of concealers.

Morphe Fluidity Full-Coverage Foundation

24-Hour Long Wear, Sweatproof, Transfer-Resistant, Water-Resistant, Great for all skin types, Soft Matte Finishy

Shade Range:

  • Lightest Shade: F1.10 (NEUTRAL: fairest with neutral undertones)
  • Darkest Shade: F5.120 (NEUTRAL: deepest with neutral undertones)

Morphe Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer

31 Shades, Creamy, Full Coverage, Super Blendable, Brightens, Contours, 16 Hour Long Wear, Sweatproof, Transfer-Resistant, and Water-Resistant

Shade Range:

Morphe Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer

Lightest Shade: C0.00 (aka white concealer)

Morphe Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer

Darkest Shade: C5.65 (COOL: deepest with red undertones)

So have you tried the new Morphe foundation? The reviews have been up and down but are you willing to give it a try? Let us know in the comments!

What’s New? ColourPop It’s My Pleasure Palette!

Colourpop It's My Pleasure Eyeshadow Palette

The New Colourpop It’s My Pleasure Eyeshadow Palette was released on January 17th. This palette contains a mix of purple, pink, and silver shades with matte and metallic finishes.

Colourpop Claims: Long Wearing, Velvet Smooth, High In Pigmentation, Soft Focus Effect, Blends Smoothly

Shades Include:

  • Bare minimum: metallic berry violet
  • Chick lit: metallic deep amethyst
  • Do or dough: metallic bright lavender with blue duo chrome flip
  • Earthshine: metallic pinky lavender with a blue duochrome flip
  • Fan fiction: matte dusty pink
  • Kittenfish: matte cool lavender
  • Mr. Sandman: icy rose with a silver sheen
  • Pretty cruel: matte berry mauve with gold flecks
  • Sleeper: matte eggplant


What are your thoughts on the palette? Are you going to buy it or is this one a hard pass? Let us know in the comments!