Ranked: Colourpop Velvet Blur Lux Lipsticks

The new Colourpop Velvet Blur Lux Lipstick Collection is getting quite the buzz. So we decided to rank them from best to worst while providing you with some awesome shade matches.

Y2K – A mauve brown

California Love – A reddish taupe brown

21 Questions – A burnt orange-red

Hey Mr. DJ – A soft petal pink

Alchemist – A rich blackberry

Vignette – A rich brown

K BOP – A bright orange

Lucky Strike – A mauvey pink

Solo – A blue red

Sphynx – A bubblegum pink

Mesmerize – A warm rose

Superbloom – A bright pinky red

Sorry Not Sorry – A bright violet

Similar To:

MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande 2

All Tea – A hot pink

Creme Fresh – A soft coral orange

Fake Love – A bright blue pink


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